Sunday, February 26, 2012

2012 Oscar Awards

The Artist cleans up as Oscar winner in numerous categories

He Said: Boooring

Okay, so it seemed fitting that since we are doing a blog about the Oscar winning movies that we watch the Oscars and do a little blog of things we thought were interesting about the show, and at times this will seem a bit disjointed since it is just thoughts as the show goes on. As a reminder Billy Crystal was hosting after Eddie Murphy pulled out or was kicked out sort of at the last minute, and there were a bunch (nine) of movies nominated for best picture but we hadn't seen any of them and none of them seemed like blow me out of the water movies, although The Artist does seem like a really interesting movie.

Damnit! I was hoping to not have seen any of the nominees this year in any category, but I did see Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. We feel they were all wrong with all their choices this year (not really just going with the title of the blog). After the first 4 awards, 2 of them did seem wrong though. No I haven't seen much of any of the nominees, but how does The Artist win for Costumes and Iron Lady for makeup? As much as a I hate Harry Potter, not sure how that didn't win for makeup, all they did is smack a bit of makeup on Meryl Streep and off you go, whereas Harry Potter was like major makeup. For the record Sacha Boren Cohen is still the funniest man outside of Hollywood, he knows how to have fun as seen on the red carpet, it was funny to see how pissed Ryan Seacrest was, although it was just hilarious in general that he was carrying around an urn with Kim Jong-il's ashes, I think Shannon even snickered over that one. Sandra Bullick dresses like an old lady, let's all clap for her German language skills!

As a side note, Morgan Freeman must be the oldest man with an earring, Hiliary Swank still looks like a man, Billy Crystal sucks this time around and he is getting too old for high definition tv, guess we won't see him back again. Not that I have anything against Billy Crystal, I think he is hilarious and awesome and I loved the first 8 times he hosted, but I think age is getting to him and his writers really let him down.

It would have been much better with the Muppet old men instead of Kermit and Miss Piggy, they could have been dissing Billy Crystal or the old Hollywood types, too bad, they had the chance and missed it.

Cirque du Soleil was amazing, even if they had a fall. How the hell do you flip someone with your feet? WOW!

Chris Rock, you're da bomb, hopefully he comes back next year as host and blows them all away, although I think someone really sarcastic like Don Rickles would be great.

How high of heels was Emma Stone wearing. Apparently she is 5'6” and Ben Stiller is 5'8” but she cleared his head by at least 4 or 6 inches! Shouldn't they have to consult with someone in charge of the show so they don't look so silly on tv? I'm talking to you Brian Grazer.

Christopher Plummer! Yay him and Canada! 82 and running up the stairs! I couldn't imagine my grandma moving around like that. P.S. he still does a great Jim impersonation.

Shannon finally got to see Sacha Boren Cohen as himself discussing what makes a great movie (she is always complaining about how he is never interviewed as himself but instead as one of his characters) and what does she say? “He's hot!.” Then they show Adam Sandler who looks very much the same but a lot more like Mr. Regimbald, and any of you from Paul Kane High School know who I'm talking about.

The penis length innuendo comparing movie length and penis length was just weird and seemed a bit awkward.

Time for the dead people part, I love this part for some reason and I always am surprised at some of the people that died this year that I never knew either died or died so recently. Although we were only surprised at Elizabeth Taylor, I forgot that she died and Shannon forgot that she died this past year.

The Artist cleaned up this year and was the best picture, a bit of a surprise, and I know I am really really looking forward to watching this one at some point in the future as it comes up on the list, I think I will have to wait until it comes up rather than watching before even though I would really like to see it sooner, but patience is a virtue, or something like that.

All in all, a really boring procession at the Oscars tonight and the best part would be Sacha Boren Cohen on the red carpet and Cirque du Soleil.

She said:

The best part of the Oscars was when I dumped a glass of water on your head.

Verdict: The Academy was partly wrong, totally boring, and we will wait and see how we feel about this year's best picture winner, The Artist, when it comes up on the random list.

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